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    Step one is picking a clan that you enjoy playing. It’s important to not just default to something like Uchiha or Uzumaki only because it’s cool in the anime. If you have trouble finding one you can always ask experienced players or staff members what clans would fit your playstyle! Another important part of this step is that, once you find a clan you like you should try not to reset. Everyone gets the feeling of wanting to reset after a fight loss or two. What is important is to keep going without reseting, or you won’t get better. This step also include setting a goal for yourself, such as a character or a rank.

    Step two is quite simple, get comfortable with your kit. Figure out how the jutsus work with eachother without thinking about any hardline combos. This is most effectively done through fighting and practicing with people around your level. Around this step you’ll also want to practice hitting your aim jutsus. Joining exams is a good way to practice against people of your skill level. Once you feel comfortable using your stuff and you hit your hard-hits reliably you can move on to the next step.

    At this point you should be comfortable using your kit. This step is even more straight forward than the last. Find someone to practice with and grind. Try to fine-tune your skills, remove any crutches (reliances on easy-to-use moves) and fasten your pace. Try to fight as you would in a character test with Deathdusk. Always do your best. I’d also try to avoid easy fights as much as possible.

    Alright, last step! This one is just for the people aiming at a character. If you went for something like ANBU or Jounin you should be able to acquire it with just the last three pieces of advice. Well for this step you should test for your character with Deathdusk once you feel ready. If you fail, that’s alright. Most people fail their first few attempts. Death gives stellar advice after each test so if you follow that you should be able to get the character you aim for!

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    Nice guide!

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