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    Disclaimer: I didn’t see a Ban Appeal format so I’m just gonna make one that I think gets everything I need to say as fast as possible to not waste time.

    IGN: PowerJack

    Punishment: Permanent Ban

    Reason: Starting Arguments with Staff Members

    Why I should be Unbanned?: I think I should be unbanned because I did not realize that what I was saying would be very hard to attain with the limited amount of staff, and more specifically configurators currently in the staff team. I forgot that BloodCraft has higher priorities then what I wanted to be added. Over time, my constant “suggestions” (These eventually became complaints) got extremely annoying and I crossed the line. I also will stop messing around and overall doing things I shouldn’t have been doing.

    Apologies: I’m mainly sorry to Deathdusk because he was the main person I irritated about adding things. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to have not only me, but other people suggesting things that are simply impossible or would hurt the server’s playerbase.

    E-Mail I sent Prior to making this: Hi, I was recently banned on Bloodcraft for suggesting something multiple times. I was not trying to argue with anybody on the server and simply wanted something to happen that I believe would greatly increase the player count. I will not give any more suggestions or say anything controversial on your server again. I’m sincerely sorry for my actions. I believe in your server, I think it could easily take any other Naruto server down with simple additions. I hope that if I am unbanned I can play with your community and I can call with other players like I had before. Believe it or not I really did enjoy your server, I just did not have any motivation to play.

    Thank you for your time

    – Jack

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    We will review your appeal.


    I’m making this reply to add on to my previous one.

    I promise that if I am unbanned, I will not do any prior actions that negatively affected the server. I will stay quiet and only speak if I am spoken to. If I come back, I will be calm and normal. I will change.


    Your appeal has been accepted.

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