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    Since minor Kages only receive a hat and a name change I believe they deserve a little bit more. I understand that they are MINOR, but they are not weak as they are the strongest in their village, while there is no test for this role, I do believe they should get something a little extra to aid them in a fight. As of now, I understand they will not be getting abilities anytime soon, but I do think it would be interesting for them to have a weapon based on their village. (Some examples below that you can feel free to alter)

    Kusakage: Weapon: Fungal knife – Appearance: A green knife full of various mushrooms toxins, when in hand it will leave a trail of grass and mushrooms – Effect: 2 hearts, and random chance of one of the following: slow + blind, poison, or minor nausea.

    Getsukage: Weapon: Moon sickle – Appearance: a large crescent moon shaped sickle, when in hand dark particle trail – Effect: blindless, 1 heart, and minor chakra siphon

    Hoshikage: Weapon: Star staff – Appearance: purple staff with a star on top, when in hand will have a purple particle trail – Effect: 2 hearts(one up and one down), knock up in the air and knockdown.

    Otokage: Weapon: Sound hammer – Appearance: A large hammer with holes, when in hand will have a sound effect trail – Effect: 1 heart, various loud sounds (Like Kurama clan but more of a dog whistle sound), and major nausea.

    Amekage: Weapon: Umbrella – Appearance: A black umbrella, when in hand will have a rain effect trail – Effect: (ranged weapon) Spinning the umbrella will launch poison senbons in various directions (causes poison + slow)

    Takikage: Weapon: Tsunami sword – Appearance: a sword made of water, when in hand will have a puddle trail – Effect: (ranged weapon) When swung the sword produces a large wave pushing back the opponent and dealing 2 hearts and nausea.

    Note: These weapons have a slightly longer cooldown than regular weapons. And much weaker than the seven ninja swords.

    Optional: in order to gain the weapon (not the rank) do a mini-test (still need to practice) to determine if you are capable of wielding the weapon.


    The only reason the side kage don’t receive things are because they don’t have to be tested for. They receive a hat, nickname, and a skin like the other kage, but until they require a combat test, they aren’t going to receive any special perks.

    In the future, we plan to make side kage require a combat test like the rest of the characters, which would give them jutsu perks, but there is a list of things that are more important. Anyone who got the character when it had no requirements would have to test to keep the character.

    At this point, these side kage would just be official kage.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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