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    Hi Kyle it’s me again,

    IGN: MisterMoseby

    Age: 19 (almost 20 nearly a birthday boy pog)

    Timezone: MST

    Where can I be contacted: Discord: Twink#6969

    How long have I played the server and how active am I: Been here for 5.5 years off and on, been on nearly if not every day this past week, and otherwise once a week minimum

    How often I can work: I can hop in between work calls and before work.

    Why do I want to apply for this position: I think I would be more effective as a moderator than a Hoster due to my work nature, because I can throw commands and offer chat support no problem, but I can be gone for 30-40 mins at a time while on the server for work calls.

    What is my experience with user management: Hoster previously for a year and a half probably, previously a moderator for 6months to a year, and I work with person management on the daily because of my job.

    So this is me re-applying for moderator as my grand return to the server xd

    For conflict resolution I’m actually well versed in it considering my entire job (irl) is customer service based and I have to deal with escalated parties on the daily. Online in my personal life I tend to go with the “matching energy” route which I can curb if wanted/necessary.

    I have a grasp of Luckperms and Essentials as I’ve displayed to you privately/ assisting with figuring out the new promotion system for Hosters to be able to promote people to their new exam ranks.

    I help users whenever I can and frequently hop into the discord and chill with the newer players that join the discord. Otherwise I offer step by step instructions for genin exam frequently as well as answering other questions.

    Server rule enforcement: This one is a no brainer, I offer reminders about the rules and clarification to new players as frequently as needed.

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    still waiting on new hosters to be accepted before you can dip from the hosting team


    I mean yeah ofc, but since atleast one good looking one has been sent in I figured I’d submit this now rather than later, and was that a “yes when someone takes your spot” ? c:


    probably still need to take mod test


    I never submitted my reply to this xd, Yeah I’ll take it whenever the time comes

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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