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    What is your in-game username? oEvolution

    What is your age? 17

    What is your timezone? EST

    Where can we contact you? Discord Evolution#6901

    How long have you played on our server and how active are you? I have played for about 5-6 months (Late summer of 2020) and I am usually on daily.

    How often would you be able to work? Most days during the morning and some afternoon hours.

    Why do you want to apply for this position? I would like to apply for moderator to assist with keeping the server comfortable and fun for everyone. It is too often that I see people be problematic on the server and create a toxic environment for players.


    What is your experience with user management?

    I have a long history of being an admin for multiple Garry’s Mod servers beginning when I was around 13. Although the environments are completely different I feel the basic principles are very similar still.



    Please send me your notes when available including your knowledge of luckperms and essentials

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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