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    What is your in-game username? EricZB
    What is your age? 17
    What is your timezone? Est
    Where can we contact you? Discord, EricZeBaws#9499
    How long have you played on our server and how active are you? I’ve been playing for about 5 years on and off, I’m really active and I’m on almost every day.
    How often would you be able to work? I do have school so maybe not every single day but I have a lot of time most days that I could work.
    Why do you want to apply for this position? I really love this server and I want to see it grow and I feel like me actually working on the staff team can help accelerate that process.
    What is your experience with Quests? I’ve been quester, admin, and owner across various servers and in almost all of them, I’ve needed to use the quests plugin so I’m really well versed in using it and know how to get the full potential out of it. As for making quests themselves I am good at thinking of storylines and have ideas for questlines that can be made on the server.
    What is your experience with MythicMobs? I am not as experienced with MythicMobs as I am with quests but I do know enough to make some simple ones I will definitely learn a lot more if I become quester. I know how to use the plugin and how to make some simple ones I just need to work a bit more on making complex ones.


    You must have a lot of experience using MythicMobs, Quests, and the other required plugins for Quester before applying. Icarus, our current Quester, was hired under the impression that he would learn more than just the basics in MythicMobs. While he is learning what he can, this is proving to be a slow and difficult process. I can’t introduce another learner to the team because one has slowed down the speed at which work is finished by a lot already.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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