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    What is your in-game username?

    What is your age?

    What is your time zone?

    Where can we contact you?

    Gmail – [email protected]

    Discord – Untitled#5692
    How long have you played on our server and how active are you?

    I started on this server around January, but I have not been active since joining. I recently have joined the server again a week ago and have logged ~10 hours a day.
    How often would you be able to work?

    As of now I am free to work every day of the week from around 10:00 CDT to 9:00 CDT.

    This is however an estimate and would not be my exact hours of availability for this server.
    Why do you want to apply for this position?

    This is a great server that clearly has staff who have invested a lot of time into this server. The fact that a smaller server has this much content overall is insane and I would love to help the server in any way I can. I think reworking jutsus will bring back more veteran players who want to try something new which will cause an increase in player count. I also think that reworking old and unplayed jutsus will allow new player more viable choices of clans that really stand out. Overall I think that becoming a scripter is the best use of my skills. On top of becoming a scripter I would also be open to the possibility of creating missions. I feel I could come up with new and captivating missions. Although I am not capable of creating bosses or using every plugin required for the quester position, I am capable of creating B rank missions (which we only have four of) and A rank missions. Creating parkour and puzzles is something I have done for a while and I have a parkour map featured on one of the biggest and hardest parkour servers that exists to date (JumpCraft). I can show this map if required. I also have created puzzle servers on MineHut’s hosting service which had similar player counts to this one. I also have some building experienced (such as the parkour map previously stated) that I could use to help in whatever way possible and can also be used in the creation of new missions. Although I have a large skillset the position I am most interested in is Scripter.
    What is your experience with spell creation?

    I have little to no experience with spell creation or MagicSpells itself. Despite this, I have put in a lot of time reading guides and watching tutorial videos on how to use the plugin. When watching tutorials all of the concepts came very easy because I am very good with the use of Skripts which is another plugin with a wider range of abilities than MagicSpells and is a little harder to use. I’m not sure if you are aware of what Skript is, but its very similar to MagicSpells itself. I am so good at using Skript that I have created an entire Anticheat just using this plugin without any real coding. If inquired about I can link all of the Skript code I have created. It is very long. the skillset I have from using Skript will carry over to MagicSpells and allow me to quickly learn it. I already have learned the basics and am sure I can solve any problem I run into with a quick look on the discord or wiki. Beyond simple Minecraft Plugin use I have coded and done projects with C# and a little with Python. My experience with C# mainly includes coding a stand alone computer game using Unity for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) which placed at the state competition. While knowing C# or Python is not helpful for a scripter or even a Developer, I am sure that what I have learned from creating code will help me.

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    Thanks for the application, Scripter’s only goal is to create spells, other skills will help you have a better understanding of the workflow for MagicSpells scripting, we are looking for people seasoned with the plugin so that we can push out clean and seamless updates to kits and characters without me having to nitpick and alter script. You said you don’t have much experience with creating spells in MagicSpells and many if not all of the tutorial videos you will find online are no longer relevant to scripting spells, all learning for MagicSpells should be routed through the MagicSpells Discord, which you can find inside the staff guide forum post where you got the application. MagicSpells no longer offers support for 1.12.2, so you should learn MagicSpells on 1.16 as it can translate.

    Sadly, I can’t accept anyone in the learning process right now, it just makes it harder for me to get work finished for the server

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