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    Idk if this is even worth putting here but there were 2 jutsu I was wondering about that could be fixed a bit?

    Haruno’s Cherry Blossom Burst: This move is basically a worst version of high spikes, the only difference is it blows people away. The hitbox seems to be horrible and inconsistent as well. When I hit the jutsu I legit have a eureka moment from how lucky it feels to actually hit this. I honestly feel like I have more like with flame cyclone than this because of how small the hitbox for it is. I don’t get why the hitbox is so bad for it since it’s just highspikes basically but it knocks people away instead of upwards. If you need to make it more “balanced” if you do update the hitbox maybe lower the damage I guess? But I would hope to possibly see a hitbox buff for this move in the future.

    Nara’s Shadow Stitching Jutsu: Shadow Stitching is pretty inconsistent with actually working, with u having to use it on mostly still opponents for it to actually fully active. An opponent whos running most likely won’t be hit by the actual damage part but will be slowed for like .5 seconds or something like that. I’m not sure how you can fix this but I just found it annoying for how “risky” the move can be due to the range not being all that long for u to have to run up to the opponent aim at their feet when theyre most likely moving and hope the move works out. Idk if theres a way for you to make it work more consistent on moving opponents but yeah, the move imo is the worst of Nara because of it’s inconsistency. It’s the only move that is never gaurunteed, you can jump run out of it if the move does activate sometimes, or even chakra dash for the cofirmed escape.





    Cherry Blossom Burst has a range advantage over earth spikes, small hitbox, bit longer range, but you also have a full clan of damage jutsu (the one that leaps you off the ground with rocks does one heart+slow if close by). Maybe ask Zawadi how the clan is played I’m pretty sure he knows about it.

    Nara needs a complete redo, no ETA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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