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    I think Sub-3 should be replaced because lets think about it death, I know sub 3 is possible to use but the amount of planning ahead of the fight you would have to do, This is like your level of skill death or even Memou’s for that, so I think Sub 3 should be replaced with some other jutsu, but not too fancy, I also know some people who would like sub 3 to get rid of, such as the people who have made this tip before me, Cody, Bob_Ross, and others. Death, if you do not want sub 3 to get removed, then I think it should be at least a little shorter time maybe the same was sub 1 would be cool.


    You don’t need to be a god megamind to use substitutions and they aren’t that cool, but they’re not important to change right now. Nothing forces you to use them all, so don’t, but don’t say it’s difficult to time, it’s just not that cool or useful in fights for most people, and that’s okay. Jounin still matches well against ANBU and Medical Specialist even though it has those extra jutsu.


    You can use subs like you don’t know how to say your alphabet and they can still be useful, just because players don’t use them doesn’t mean subs are bad.


    you don’t really have to think at all with subs unless you’re fighting someone who camps them which people hardly do

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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