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    I want to preface this post by saying that the new boss Kaji is one of my favorites bosses currently. However, having done it several times, I and a few others have seen some issues with the boss and wanted to know if it was intentional or fixable.

    The first issue is that when the boss goes into “Oni Mode” it tracks one player and teleports to them multiple times which allows for the boss to fall into the ocean/water or outside the general area. This leads to the boss despawning (and happens frequently when done with small group of players). My suggestion for this is to erect a barrier around the arena so that when players flee from the boss with a justu such as chakra jump they don’t unintentionally despawn the boss.

    Another issue also related to despawning is that sometimes even when all of the players are in the boss area, if at least one person isn’t directly on top of its spawn location it could also cause the boss to despawn. I have not seen this issue  happens as frequently as the one above but it is something worth noting.

    Finally, in all said instances when the boss despawns prior to the player/s killing it, Kaji respawn cooldown automatically starts. I don’t believe other bosses have the same function and I would hope that this may also get removed.

    Thanks for reading.


    the issue with Kaji de-spawning occurred a second time so it wasn’t just some unlucky one time thing, afraid it will happen again.


    Bug reports go to the support forum i can put a barrier up to stop the teleporting thing but im not sure how to fix the despawning issue that isnt just the boss falling outside the arena and i dont think icarus knows either

    the respawn timer starts when the weaker kaji dies because the spawner spawns the weaker kaji, this wouldnt be an issue if the boss didnt despawn or if i knew how to make the spawner not do that but me and icarus have no idea



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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