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    Hey, I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while and I feel it could add A LOT of progression to the server. I feel there are a few ways this could be done. Of course, some of these will require a lot of work and some won’t require as much but I feel if they were added it would add a lot to the server. So I feel that there should be a way to acquire summoning jutsu as well as sage jutsu through gameplay in the server as in the show it is possible for any ninja who goes through the training to do this. Not only this but to my knowledge no characters have these so there wouldn’t be overlap or the need to change any chars.

    Method 1 – Tournaments:

    The first way I feel this could be accomplished is through tournaments as tournaments have always been the main way of progression on this server. The way this could work I feel is sage tournaments would be hosted a few times a week(1-3) and upon winning you would get a sage token or some item of that sort. With these sage tokens you would be able to buy sage jutsu. This would be up to deathdusk what these jutsu and prices would be but one thought I have is maybe it would be one token for a simple small summoning which would mostly be cosmetic but it would set you on a certain sage path such as toad slug snake etc. Next, there could be a medium summon and a large summon for 5 and 10 coins respectfully(you lose the coins when you buy one). The medium and large might do one move or so, think of an assist from a fighting game if you play those. Finally, there would be sage mode as the most expensive and good jutsu. I understand a transformation could definitely impact the game so I feel it shouldn’t be too impactful. My suggestion would be to make it possibly increase chakra regeneration and/or max chakra level while it’s being used. Overall I feel like this method would add a lot of progression after jounin and all that would need to be done is replace a couple exam slots with sage tournaments and create the jutsu themselves. The cons of this is that the really good players would dominate the exams until they reach sage mode and it may be difficult to balance making the jutsu cool but not too strong.


    Method 2 – Quests

    This would require much more work than tournaments but it would add content that can be played when things arent being hosted. This would require multiple quests that you will do to eventually get sage jutsu/summoning. The jutsu would be the same as with tournaments just accquired through a different way. The problem with this is I feel it would require a lot of work and wouldn’t need pvp skill but it would progression that can happen without hosters which would be great for the server. I also feel like parts of this would be unlocked as you progress higher. For example you only can do up to the basic summons as genin and then at jounin you unlock all.


    Method 3 – Characters

    This one would require the least work as it would just be making the character jutsu. There could be a toad sage, slug sage, and snake sage character that could be applied for and tested for just like any other characters. These characters would have summonings and sage mode. If these were added as characters I feel like they could be unique in that any clan/element could get them as there’s nothing in the show preventing someone from being them. I also feel like there could be multiple people with the chars because people like jiraiya, minato and naruto were all able to get toad sage mode in the show so maybe up to 3 people could become sages. The only con to this is not every player would be able to get it and most players don’t end up passing char tests.


    Closing remarks:

    Sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense as I was writing this off the top of my head but feel free to ask questions if you’re confused about what I mean. I know some of these would require a lot of work but anything that improves the server substantially would require work to be done. Also for the summonings, you could use magma cubes and slimes and change them in the texture pack. I know how to model and make packs if you think about doing this idea so I could help you make the textures for them if need be.



    Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

    Summonings might be something we want to approach in the future, but again, NOT everyone in Naruto had major beast summonings like Toads, Frogs, and Snakes. A lot of summonings required people to make pacts with entire species, so that would have to be reflected in the difficulty of the content that could be introduced in the future.

    The quest design would have to be incredibly efficient and smart for it to work. If you are inexperienced with how quests would be designed to create summoning quests for players, you would make it too easy. It’s not about making quests; things like this require knowledge of how to design a game loop, game design, writing, etc. People go to college for that type of stuff, but i think you catch my drift. Overall we want to improve on quests though because some of the older quests are kind of boring honestly. That’s being worked on, but we need more people with quests and mythicmobs knowledge. This would make content more interesting to play.

    Sages are cool conceptually, but adding them as characters isn’t really an option right now. We need to work on improving existing clans and characters because a lot of older content is flawed and restrictive to players. I don’t feel like we have a solid foundation, and you need a solid foundation or else the entire thing will crumble to dust.



    I also agree that the server needs more progression when you endgame OTHER than characters. I have plans, but we must continue working on improving the server as it stands to accomodate for new features.

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