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    as of right now Dusk is the only tester BCNR currently has, which, imo is just weird. adding the tester rank would help out (if in not many) a few ways:

    – it would make it easier for more people to test at the same time (if it ever happens).
    – considering combat tests can sometimes interrupt dusk and prevent him from doing other things, adding the rank would stop that from happening.
    – it could potentially make the whole combat test process smoother.

    i really think you should consider adding it as it would most likely just be a big plus for the entire server.

    now, for my other suggestion:

    atm, the server has 85 clans players can choose from, 85. and now, to be straight, barely like 50% of the clans which are currently working and is playable is getting played. this results in the gameplay getting repetetive and you rarely see anything new happening. adding more characters could change this, I think. it make the gameplay more fun and it will create more competitiveness between players and people will actually put time and effort into training and practice to become a character which is honestly just a very big plus. and iirc, during a discussion on the server, in the new update characters will be removed entirely, so then technically all the characters are temporary and will be removed anyways upon update. so i mean, why not.

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    Adding a tester rank would create bias and inconsistency in character testing. Not every tester could be at the same skill level. This is the exact issue every other server that does it this way has, along with a plethora of other issues plaguing their server by having multiple testers. I am enough to test people, people need to also cooperate with me so that testing is done.

    We already have a hard time getting people into existing positions and supplying existing positions more jutsu. It will not grow competitiveness if people aren’t able to get characters to begin with. More characters is not more gameplay, it’s more convolution. Adding characters wouldn’t make existing gameplay better, it would just further stretch the issues stated above.

    At the end of the day, character positions are not content and we work to provide things that aren’t just characters. I would rather improve the quality of the character positions we have now than artificially inflate the amount of characters we have.

    We have a lot of clans that can go for the existing characters and in the future, a lot more will be allowed to go for existing characters as well.

    Just because we can do something now doesn’t mean we should. We’re still a live server with active gameplay and changes.

    Character systems in the server’s update are not finalized so it’s not safe to say they’re removed as of yet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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