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    I have been searching for a while on how to fix the timed outs on the server. In looking for ways I have visited many servers and 1 topic always comes up that causes the famous time outs. It seems that the biomes Id error created by twilight is one main cause of time outs, 1 server in particular, which had this problem, created a spawn portal which opens the mod only when someone passes through. I also noticed that most of the worlds are accessible in this fashion, which seems to reduce (and sometimes) eliminate the timed outs.

    Instead of eradicating this world we have created, why not try different fixes first, many love this server more than others but are driven away with these timed outs. I truly believe it would become the Magic go to server if this problem could be addressed.

    thank you


    Presently, the server uses its own server software to address dozens of issues that would’ve made the server even more unplayable, so we have tried to remedy a lot of the issues and time outs to no avail. MageBlox has a plethora of unfixable problems that can only be addressed by putting it on a new version and wiping the world.

    Your idea to lessen the amount of timeouts is only step one of an endless amount of trials. You need to take into account that MageBlox’s world size is over 100GB with thousands of chunk loaded areas and likely millions of entities. The mods also have ID conflicts that would require a world wipe to fix on its own. Certain mods also tend to crash the server on chunkload, which is hard to avoid. Many mods cause memory leaks and server performance issues which are negatively impacting the other servers. There are plenty of other issues, but those are namely few that prevent us from keeping the world and mod set.

    We have thoroughly examined the core issues with MageBlox and are working very hard so that a situation like this isn’t created in the new environment. We want to make the experience the best we can because the issues on old MageBlox have no solutions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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