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    I’m not sure if anyone ever mentioned this (most likely has) but would there be any way to have a way to spectate wl? I assume nobody is able to code the commands for this.


    A way to compromise with this would be to find spots for people to spectate in the arenas of wl, maybe make a warp to them for vip’s or have a warp board somewhere for them. The only really difficult part about this would be knowing which wl arena the people are fighting in and finding a decent spot for stands on each map. Thoughts?


    World League is already buggy as is. Adding this new system is more than likely beyond the scope of the current staff and would cause more problems then there already are.


    While I’d love to add spectating to world league, I’d have to agree that it’s beyond the scope of the plugin and so staff have to spectate it for rule violations or it is put in the player’s hands to get evidence.

    We can’t really provide good views of a world league arena and disable PVP or else it will interfere with the arena itself. Imagine people shooting kunai or jutsu through the world league barriers or glitching out. There’s just a lot of micromanagement we would have to do to get it working, and it would still be shotty when trying to spectate the world league arenas. I’ve honestly thought about it but there just isn’t a good way to do it unless someone managed to completely redo and fix world league, which sadly isn’t happening right now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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