Terms of Service

The Terms of Service set forth by BCraftThis document originated on 8/20/2011 and was last changed 10/20/2012

The terms of service for all services rendered by BCraft and it’s staff are defined in their whole on this page. All terms are accepted upon registration of an account to all and or any of the services, sites and parts under the BCraft name or usage of any supplied/created software. This document signifies a legal agreement between the user, BCraft, and it’s staff. We define software as a service and it’s use will be treated as a service. All terms will be upheld at the highest extent of the law in the Jurisdiction of the United States of America.

I. Usage
Usage is defined as the use of any of the services attached to the name BCraft

  1. You may use any service as defined and only as defined.
  2. You may not use any service in anyway undefined in any part of any resource unless you have permission.
  3. You may not use any service through any means to circumvent security or restrictions.
  4. You many not use any service that hides your identity, location, computer, IP or any normally available identifiable piece of information.
  5. Use of any service is an immediate agreement of these written statements.
  6. At no time while using any or all services is offending, illegal, pornographic or copyrighted material allowed to be sold, given, freely given, or traded.
  7. At no time may a person any less than 18 years of age use any service without consent of the parents or guardians.
  8. All written usage agreements are punishable as defined in Section VII.

II. Conduct
Conduct is defined as the behavior of staff and users.

  1. At no time during the use of any service will any form of discrimination be allowed.
  2. At all times while using any service all contact and physical or virtual behavior must remain within moral boundaries and must not make any member or staff feel insecure or uncomfortable.
  3. At no time may you harass any member of the staff or service of any service.
  4. At no time must any identifiable information be exchanged without permission of the person in which the information pertains to.
  5. At no time wile using any service may and part of the service be used to excessively hinder the ability to enjoy or use any service or part for any user or staff.
  6. All written conduct agreements are punishable as defined in Section VII.

III. Privacy
Privacy is defined as a set of rules governing any and all information that can identify and user or staff member of any or all services.

  1. No information of a user or staff member will be shared at any time to any party without explicit written consent.
  2. Information obtained from users at any time is freely given and given with complete permission to the service and staff to share the information between the service and staff and only the service and staff.
  3. At no time may users share information about other users while using any service obtained while using any service to any staff member or other user without the explicit written permission of that user.
  4. At no time while using any and all services is it allowed to hinder any form of collection of any identifiable information that is freely given and accessible at any other time. This includes but is not limited to Geographical IP location, IP, Provider and networking information.
  5. All spoken and textual conversations are subject to recording within any of the provided services with or without notification of such.
  6. All written privacy agreements are punishable as defined in Section VII.

IV. Security
Security is defined by our process and protections, software, hardware or social, of preventing unauthorized access, usage or connection.

  1. At no time will staff members ask for passwords to your account or any other account you may hold.
  2. Each and every user and staff member is responsible for the safe keeping of their account and information while using any service.
  3. Each user and staff member is responsible for each and every action on each and every account for each and every service. This includes both good and bad actions regardless if they were the one using it or not.
  4. At no time may any attempt be made to bypass any security measure that is in place whether it is listed as a security measure or not.
  5. At no time is any information allowed to be traded or freely given regarding the state, usage, power, functionality, effectiveness or flaws of any single or grouped form of security without complete and explicit written consent of a staff member of B-Craft. This information is proprietary and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the United States legal system.
  6. Using any provided and/or created software means you agree to let that software mark your computer to be identifiable by the staff and software used by BCraft and that it may modify files on your hardware to provide functionality or completely block functionality by any mean required.
  7. Using any provided and/or created software means you agree that BCraft nor any user or staff can be held responsible for any damages any security measure may take to protect software, people, or proprietary information and that you take full responsibility for those repercussions.
  8. All written security agreements are punishable as defined in Section VII.

V. Purchases
Purchases are defined as any service or product purchased through the means of acceptable currency or physical or virtual trade.

  1. No purchase is subject to discrimination at any time as written under Section II.
  2. No warranty or guarantee is implied with any purchase unless specifically mentioned in writing.
  3. No refunds are implied unless explicitly labeled as such on the product or service.
  4. All purchases will be delivered by the time you are quoted at the time of purchase or you are guaranteed a refund without question upon request.
  5. All prices, time spans, delivery times, locations, and agreements of purchase are subject to change without notice at any time.
  6. Reversal of any payment is a complete violation and will be sought with a the original amount, all occurred charges and a fee of $25 USD for the service of resolution including complete termination of the service or delivery of the product purchased regardless of the amount or product. The staff and every involved governing entity reserves the right to report to any and all credit institutions and debt collectors.
  7. Donations fall under the definition of purchase.
  8. All written purchase agreements are punishable as defined in Section VII.

VI. Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is defined as any work be it music, audio, visual, virtual or physical created by any single or group of individuals.

  1. Any intellectual property originating in a service is the sole property of the service and governing entity in which the property was originated in.
  2. All property owned by any service is given in the respect of creator with no rights unless explicitly written by the governing staff of the service to the creator.
  3. Any and all services and all parts not already governed by copyright or licensing belong to the governing staff and entities governing the service.
  4. The staff and members make no claim to already copyrighted and licensed works owned by any other party unless expressly stated in textual form.
  5. All written intellectual property agreements are punishable as defined in Section VII.

VII. Violation
Violation is defined as the breaking of any single or grouped written agreement in this document by staff or user of any and all services.

  1. Any violation is subject to the punishment of a suspension or termination of employment, volunteer status, membership or rights of usage.
  2. Any violation is subject to be punished to the full extent of the law.
  3. All violations are determined to fall under the jurisdiction of the majority of the owning entities governments which at this time is The United States of America.
  4. All violations are able to be discussed at any time and appealed to the board of staff for reconsideration until Section VII Paragraph V is enacted.
  5. All violations are subject to being closed for discussion, reconsideration, re-evaluating and re-application of punishment after one appeal and/or open official discussion amongst the staff and/or the violator.

VIII. Damages
Damages is defined as any damage to any social, physical, virtual, monetary, tangible or intangible entity.

  1. The staff of any service and the service itself claims no responsibility for any damage rendered by any service, product, software or hardware not directly produced by the staff or service.
  2. At no time can any staff or service be held in any way accountable for any damages not directly caused by any part of any service not directly produced by the staff or service.

IX. Command
Command is defined as a staff position. All ranks from and including Registrar and up are considered a staff position.

  1. All staff are legally bound to the terms outlined in this document.
  2. All staff members are protected by the rule of Majority Rules. Meaning that no staff’s decision can be enacted or revoked until a vote is properly initiated. The vote is required to be a majority in order to be passed. If a dead lock occurs an upper rank may vote to tilt the balance. If no upper rank exists it is passed to a lower rank.
  3. Any votes that is against or in conflict with this document are invalid.
  4. All votes are to adhere to this document.
  5. Any staff member is subject to be voted out under the terms of no-confidence. Meaning it is believed that they can no longer perform their duties as outlined by their rank and/or are in conflict with this document. The vote will be among their peers and they will not have a vote them selves. Voting follows the rules for voting outlined in this document. For fairness second vote will be done by the rank that is above them, if no higher rank exists this does not apply.
  6. Any staff member can call a vote of no-confidence.
  7. Any staff member may call a vote.

X. Acceptance
Acceptance is defined as the agreement of following and conforming to each and every written statement within this document.

  1. Acceptance of this document and every included statement is implied by the usage of any service rendered.
  2. Using any service is an agreement that you read this document.
  3. In chance that you did not read the document and used any service you are bound to this document under the implication that you are falsely displaying you have not read this document because of the agreement in Section VIII Paragraph II.
  4. All previous users before any change or the document itself are subject to being bound by the change or document itself under continuation of use of any service.
  5. By using any or all services you agree that you are either 18 years of age or have parental or guardian consent.
  6. If you are not 18 years of age, and you use this service you agree that your parents or guardians are aware that they are legally bound to this document and your actions and their actions reflect on you both.

XI. Changes
Changes are defined as any alteration of this document or services or products under which this document governs.

  1. All written agreements are subject to change without notice and compensation.
  2. All service and or products and their details are subject to change without notice or compensation.
  3. All service and product’s prices are subject to change without notice or compensation.

XII. Legal
Legal is defined as any written agreement, this document or action governed by law in the country under which jurisdiction falls.

  1. This document signifies a written agreement between every party involved.
  2. At any time if a law conflicts with any portion of this document the law takes precedence.
  3. If any term is found to conflict and is not able to be upheld every preceding and following written statement and agreement is still subject to being upheld.
  4. This document represents a legal binding contract that MUST be agreed to for the privilege to use any and all services.