Hello! We have redone the Namikaze Clan from Hidden Leaf. The older iteration of this clan was severely undertuned and was riddled with issues, so it needed to be redone. The clan is applicable to Hokage and Kurama, the ninth tailed beast. The new clan better fits the gameplay of the server going forward and makes use of newer gameplay mechanics that are provided by our version.

The Namikaze Clan is known for its signature time-space ninjutsu, being able to teleport across time-space to engage, evade, and attack. This clan has linear yet weighted speed, making movement impactful and landing your clan jutsu more rewarding. The clan is close-to-mid-ranged, but allows you fair access to engage from long-range. We hope that you enjoy this clan and we encourage you to try it out as well. Stay tuned for more updates and content releases!

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