BCraft Naruto: VIP & VIP 2 Overhaul

Hello! A lot of time has been spent overhauling the existing VIP and VIP 2 ranks for Minecraft EULA compliance, fair use, and convenience. We have introduced a brand new set of features for our existing VIP and VIP 2 ranks that will effectively erase the older, less worthwhile features. These features will be outlined in the image slideshow below.

We hope you enjoy the new features that have been introduced to the VIP and VIP 2 ranks. We will leave a link to our webstore below if you are interested in looking at these ranks or the other packages on it.

Webstore Link: https://b-craft.buycraft.net

  • November 3, 2019

    Poggers bro you already know I copped this, warps and stuff bro????? So fye bro I’d buy just for that, but the pets make it even better! I recommend you all buy this!!!!

  • November 3, 2019

    great value would cop 10/10

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