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Your argument that pan wouldn’t understand because he hasn’t been on or “come on every once in a blue moon” may make some sense. However I’ve been on pretty regularly taking breaks here and there and I have seen no one talking about ANY of the topics you listed. Which is odd because if they have been arguing these points for years, I would assume, At some point, I would see these topics being said by the people that signed this.


Believe me if at any  point I agreed with your slide show, I would make a point to voice it (like pan has). Just because we are staff doesn’t mean we blindly follow Deaths opinion. Just like everyone else we are normal players the only difference is we VOLUNTEER our time to the betterment of the server. The only reason you’re seeing staff post on the forum thread is because we regularly come on here to look at new items posted.

If you haven’t noticed (which would be surprising if you haven’t)  we have a HUGE group of people joining the server right now, and with that I’m sure you and multiple others have realized the problems that have arise with said growth. This topic at hand is unnecessary because we should be focusing on making a smoother/gradual transition to accommodate for this. The last thing that people need is a division between players and the staff that have partook on the thread. I will say that at a later point when things are not so stressful for the staff working on stuff, maybe (I said maybe because I don’t accept or deny suggestions) these things will be taken into consideration. Right now the best thing we can do is let this go to rest so that death has one less thing to worry about rather than a bunch of bickering on his website.