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I have some final words to say before I close this thread for good.

I just want to add that much of the flame war in this thread could of been avoided if the original suggestions were not inflammatory or seemingly avoidant of the fact that staff members have responsibilities, time constraints, and a lack of resources that prevent them from working around the clock. This is a classic example of doing unto other as you would have them do unto you. This argument accomplished nothing, especially since most of the counter-arguments to the original slideshow were dismissed or completely unacknowledged. The original posters should of done a better job at communicating with those people instead of telling them they are not active, that they should not be in the thread, that their opinions are less important because they are staff, or simply doubling down on the same points they presented in the slideshow. People are allowed to have opposing opinions, just as you do.

For me, if you did not want me to reply how I did, you also should not of presented your slideshow in such a way, argued with others in such a way, and dismissed my original post. Next time this happens, one way or another, I will make sure to be the bigger person, speak my truth, let others do the same, and promptly close the thread before arguments happen.

As someone making a suggestion, you need to acknowledge when I say that we have a lack of resources or time to create certain features, or that I would not think it is best for the server as the owner. If you are not willing or are unable to spend the time working with us as a scripter, builder, quester, or any position with a lot of honed skill, that is fine. With that in mind, you need to be more receptive of our limitations as a staff team as well. If you are unable to take no for an answer, whether it is a disagreement or an inability for the team to accomplish something, and you bring your frustration to the server in chat, through private channels, or other means, you are not solving the problem and will not be taken seriously.

In summary, you need to think greatly on how suggestions should be delivered to the staff team and should not try to use a bandwagon of players, many of which were uninvolved, as force for your argument. We are a team of volunteers working on a non-profit and free project thanklessly. This thread will now be closed.