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Dee Sad Potater

As someone who’s never taken a char test my view might have less weight than someone who has and I might be lacking in important insights. I believe the standards for qualifying for a char should still be exceptionally high, but lower than what it is currently. I agree that you should be 100% acquainted with your kit and be consistently proficient. However, having the standards so high that most people can never even aspire to achieving that level is unreasonable and discouraging to say the least. I have 1v1’d with Poor and Evo a number of times and also against Zaw and Dylan. It is blatantly clear how far apart very skilled players and Character level players are. I think the gap between the skilled and the baseline for characters should be narrowed and the grading standards should be less strict. Not totally dumbed down but less extreme. I’m terrible at putting my thoughts into coherent responses so I hope this makes sense