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I think that ultimately, this thread has taught me that a lot of people are confused about what earns them a poor, bad, fair, and good performance on each category and the importance of each, and that I have not done a good job at making it clear enough in my guides and before testing.

In the coming weeks, I will try to better explain common things people are doing to earn poor, bad, fair and what people can do to start earning good, and excellent. Character test notes are mutually exclusive, so being general about this will be a little vague, but should be helpful nonetheless. I am sure you can agree that every player plays different in some way and that one size does not fit all.


I need to preface by saying that it was never a test requirement to hit every jutsu in your kit, 100% of the time, without fail. Human errors exist, we are not machines, and telling a player to use their entire kit and to make it effective with some consistency is not the same as expecting perfection. I also need to note that hard-hitters are never the sole thing holding players back from passing, and more often than not, criteria like playstyle, balance, and sequence play a larger factor in the ability to hit hard hitters. How you setup your entire kit is indicative of the ability to hit hard-hitting jutsu. Once a player is able to play their kit by my criteria, at least from the people I have passed in the character test, they’re also able to land their hard-hitters too. I haven’t met anyone who is bad at hitting one or two jutsu, and is permanently unable to get a character because of it. When I grade people, this doesn’t happen. People who passed the character test had other flaws when I tested them, and you can see that path of progression through their character test posts from start-to-finish. If those players worked on the flaws I pointed out outside the test, they may of struggled with a few jutsu in the process before passing. I don’t know what they’re doing outside the test, but they were able to perform and accomplish my criticism in their next test. I can’t control how long it takes people to learn material on the character test, regardless of if I lowered my standards. I can only make getting an understanding of the character test and its processes more clear.


Testing should never seem intimidating and I do not like that it is spread across the community as an impossible and unachievable task. Making people feel like they will never get a character under the current standards and actively engaging in discussion on that topic is misinformed and can hurt the server more than my criteria ever could. There are players who actively do not character test in this thread, or reset without getting outside the bad range after their first try. The 99% argument or active character testing argument applies to virtually no one here, and that’s interesting since it is a focal point of the argument. I try to be playful, fun, and fair during tests so that people don’t feel intimidated or overly pressured. I write notes and guides so that people can learn from their mistakes. I want everyone to know that it is okay to fail and that character testing is a path of progression, something that needs to take time.