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There doesn’t need to be a character who is the kage for that event like I said there could be one person on each team who is made the “kage” for the event. It doesn’t necessarily have to be kage but just some sort of vip.


I’m not sure what you mean with RP I was saying it would be sort of like bed wars or eggwars where there are some blocks that prevent the “vip” or whatever on the team from dying and those need to be destroyed. I can understand you not wanting jutsu rewards though, I just thought it would be cool to be possible but the event can still be cool without it.

In my opinion it would be very different from a team deathmatch as the main objective would not to be to completely eliminate the opposing team but to eliminate the “vip” on the team as well as infiltrate the enemy base. Also there would be more than two teams and it would require far more communication and coordination than team deathmatch

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