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Before I get into writing your notes, think of this as an introduction. I’ll state it here and in the end, you’ll see that most of your problems for each section are similar, this is mostly due to your lack of awareness during fights and overall your playstyle not being that great. Most of the time you are hitting jutsus it’s by being a block away from me and nothing else really, there were a few occasions where you used some jutsus from mid range and hit them once or twice. Keep in mind you should be using everything in your kit in different ways, most of your problems came from trying to cycle through jutsus at close range. Sometimes you’d even miss at close range, there’s a lot of stuff you need to work on which I will get into more detail towards the end of your notes.

  • Clan
    • ███ POOR
      • Water Release: Shark Bomb
        • Like I said above, one of your major issues is that you don’t really think about how to be effective with your jutsus, a lot of the time it feels like you are mainly trying to play for damage and nothing else. I first noticed it a little bit with this jutsu specifically. You would often be trying to spam this at close ranges and it would sometimes hit but it would mostly miss, try using this jutsu from a little further away so you can understand it’s range better. Once you understand it’s range try to get a little bit more creative with it as well practice your aim with it. Which is also another one of your issues, your accuracy isn’t that great with most jutsus.
        • This jutsu is a pretty small projectile so the range isn’t too big but regardless, it’s a projectile. Projectiles are a little hard to hit but not too difficult once you get it down, you shouldn’t be aiming directly onto your target but rather towards the place they are moving to. Think of projectiles similarly, you always want to predict where your opponent is moving to. Kind of how most players already do with WhirlWind Fist.
        • Overall, with this jutsu try your best to use it from different ranges and try to be more accurate with it as well.
      • Water Release: Shark Attack
        • This jutsu was used frequently and it really hit only once or twice. By now I assume you already know that this jutsu goes on the ground. Think of the jutsu as Dark Swamp in a way, you want to place it directly under your opponents feet and you want to make sure your opponent is in the middle of this jutsu. I noticed at times you’d try to aim it at me and I would be a little bit on the edge and it wouldn’t stick to me to do the delayed damage. Make sure your opponent is in the middle of it if you use it.
        • This jutsu is solid for baiting out movement jutsu so I advise you get better with it immediately, especially if you want to end up hitting your hard hitters like Fang Bullet or Thundering Sphere, this jutsu is really good for baiting out a dash. Just play patient and set it up. A lot of the times you were trying to use it too quickly.
      • Water Release: Water Shark Shotgun
        • You definitely use your clan jutsus all equally almost, which is decent so I wouldn’t say you spammed this jutsu too much. But when you did I didn’t feel as if it was annoying or pressuring really. Sure it hit me once or twice and I was blinded by it but it never made me dash, this is another jutsu that’s good at baiting out ones movement so like I said above, work on your accuracy with this.
        • I also advise you not to try to do damage to your opponent while they are blinded. A few times you hit me while I still had the debuff. So keep that in mind.
        • You can also use this more defensively rather than offensively, a lot of the times when you were being pressured you never had a response back or a jutsu you could use to retreat for a little bit, you could use this at close range to blind me and dash away if I am pressuring you. Stop using it only for damage.
      • Water Release: Super Shark Bomb
        • The way you used this I didn’t like, a lot of the times when you were attempting to use this you would try to teleport onto me. I think by now most players have told you that TP combos are not optimal and are considered crutching. You should break this habit immediately.
        • The times you did hit this jutsu which were once or twice it felt a little bit threatening but it still felt as if you were abusing the jutsu a lot at closer rangers. It’s fine to use jutsus at close range but you need to keep an open mind, if you want to pass you need to show me that you can use your kit in all kinds of ways, you need to experiment with different ranges, don’t stick to only close range because it’s easier to hit and it’s easy damage.
        • This jutsu is also great considering it arcs up the opponent and does 4 hearts of damage making it a perfect set up jutsu. You definitely want to work on your consistency with this so you can hit the hard hitters in your kit.
  • Chakra Nature
    • ███ POOR
      • Water Release: Hydro Bomb
        • You never hit this on me and it was often due to you being very far away from me. Although this jutsu has quite the range, it’s often missed when players use it from further away and that’s mainly due to it’s slow speed. You want to be using this more up close until you are confident enough to use it from different ranges.
        • Overall you would spam this a lot in our fights and you never hit it. Work on your accuracy with this.
        • Also, you can maybe use this defensively as well, if someone is pressuring you maybe you can throw them off by using this to knock them back.
      • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
        • Like Hydro Bomb, you never hit this. Mainly because you rushed it, you weren’t patient. You just kind of threw it out without a thought and you hoped to have hit it.
        • You have a lot of jutsus in your kit when it comes out to baiting movement, use this more before using this. Once I have no dashes or any opportunity to escape, then use it. Place it behind me or next to me so I walk into it if I don’t see it.
      • Water Release: Bullet Ball Barrage
        • Not much to say for this other than you used it a little too much, limit yourself to using it maybe twice a fight and try not to do damage while this is active if you can, a few times you did it but I assume it was only accidental.
        • This is another great tool for baiting out someones movement or stopping the pressure for a bit. Have more thought when using this.
      • Lightning Release: Spider Web
        • When you used this you often missed due to being a little far away or you’d hit me with it once doing 1 heart. Try getting a little closer and be careful.
        • When I say be careful, I mean literally be careful. There were so many times where you used this and it felt as if it was so easy to punish you. Once in range of this jutsu use it, and don’t just continue walking in a straight line. If used properly you can kind of strafe around someone while using it so you aren’t too vulnerable.
      • Lightning Release: Static Implosion
        • This was alright but you hit it like two or three times which isn’t consistent enough. This jutsu should be hit at least 60-70% of the time.
        • I’d also like to point out that you did try damaging me whilst I was still slowed from this jutsu. Please be careful of that.
        • This jutsu gives a heavy slow which is great for making your opponent use movement jutsus. Work on it more.
      • Lightning Release: Thundering Sphere
        • You never hit this and it was never close to hitting me.
        • You always used this when I had movement jutsus available or the way you used it was too predictable. Like I said above, you have jutsus to set up for this one. So work on being patient with this, don’t continuously spam it because you want to hit it, you actually need to think.
  • Nature Kekkei Genkai
    • ███ POOR
      • Storm Release: Flashbang
        • This jutsu was used okay? I couldn’t really tell because it felt as if there was no purpose when you used it. Normally it should be used for making your opponent blind so they mess up their aim or to stop them from pressuring you, but you kind of just kept dashing with it and using it so it had no actual thought to it. Use this when you need to take a step back, stop using it whenever it’s off cooldown.
      • Storm Release: Void Wave
        • This is pretty straight forward, I don’t really need to tell you how to use it since you just cast and walk towards your opponent. It’s good for trading damage. But I wouldn’t recommend always using it from far away then dashing, there were so many times where you used it out of it’s range then dashed onto me to make up for it.
      • Storm Release: Thunder Cloud
        • You hit this around two times, which is a little troublesome. Considering this is probably the easiest jutsu in your kit. This jutsu has such a big hitbox yet you often miss it. Like I said for your other projectile jutsus, don’t aim it ontop of your target, predict where they will walk to, throw it in front of their path.
        • Please work on your accuracy with this, it’s the easiest three heart jutsu on the server given it’s hitbox.
  • Rank
    • ███ POOR
      • Chakra Dash, Chakra Jump & Teleportation
        • All of these were used poorly. You often dashed too much allowing me to pressure you easily knowing you had no escape.
        • As for Teleportation you tried to chain jutsu with it or just get closer to me with it which is pretty cringe. Don’t do that.
      • Ninja Art: Kunai Barrage
        • I don’t like how you used this too much, you often used it for damage and damage only. You do realize you can use this to push people off you right?  Not everything you have is used for only damage.
  • General
    • ███ POOR
      • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
        • This was used meh, you often missed it but when you did use it a lot it felt as if it was mainly being used to make up for missed damage, you shouldn’t be in that habit.
        • Use this to mess up my aim, like I said jutsus have more purposes than just solid damage,
      • Ninja Art: Kunai Volley
        • Refer to my criticism for Kunai Barrage.
      • Green Roar
        • This was used eh, it was kind of easy to bait it out from you. Sometimes you chained this with a paperbomb once I landed making it cringe.
  • Ninja Tool
    • ███ POOR
      • Kunai/Shuriken
        • Not much to say for this one, you didn’t use them too much and when you did you often missed.
        • These are good for defusing Sharingan or just doing chip damage from afar.
      • Paperbomb
        • Refer to my criticism for Explosive Kunai.
  • Playstyle
    • ███ POOR
      • Overall you play poorly, you kind of use every single jutsu from close range and it seems like you try to play only for the kill. I see you often trying to spam me down by using a chain of Kunai Barrage and Kunai Volley right after (You didn’t do this always but there were two fights where at the start of the fight you dashed at me and used both) You shouldn’t be playing just to do damage, sure, killing someone is good and all but you don’t need to kill me to pass your test. You need to show me that you can use your kit equally and in different ways.
      • You play aggressive but you make it really easy to punish you, you kind of walk in a straight line or run into every single jutsu. So I mean, try to work on your movement.
  • Sequence
    • ███ POOR
      • Like I said above for playstyle, you kind of abuse everything at closer ranges and you chain stuff like Barrage and Volley. You want to keep in mind that you should switch up your rotation of jutsus each fight, you often kept it the same making it super predictable and easy to read you. You want to switch it up so it confuses your opponent. Not to mention it also shows me that you can play differently each time.
  • Balance
    • ███ POOR
      • Not much to say other than you played poorly overall, your accuracy with jutsus isn’t great and most of the time when you do hit them you’re spamming them from 1-2 blocks away. You need to use jutsus from a variety of ranges and you shouldn’t rely on 1 or two jutsus for your main source of damage.
      • Your movement isn’t great and it’s seemingly quick to kill you. You often had no responses to me pressuring you and it wasn’t that enjoyable to fight you. You have a good amount of jutsus in your kit in terms of pressuring your opponent and also getting them to stop pressuring you.
      • Be more patient with your jutsus, work on your accuracy and most of all have a thought behind everything. A lot of the time you’re throwing out jutsus with no care and are hoping they hit and do damage. The goal isn’t to kill me. You wont pass if you don’t show me how skilled you are with your kit.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.