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  • Clan
    • ███ BAD
      • Wood Release: Silent Strangle
        • This was used okay, you didn’t use it too much or too little you used it just right in my opinion. I think your uses with this jutsu were a little mistimed, sometimes you used it when I was casting a jutsu like Incinerating Flare or Phoenix Flower which was pretty good, and for other times you used it a little randomly.
        • I think your accuracy with this wasn’t the best, it was alright but it could definitely be improved.
        • Another issue you had is that you would sometimes attempt to damage me a little bit when using this. Although you didn’t use jutsu you still used kunais with this jutsu so try to avoid doing that.
      • Wood Release: Wooden Mallet
        • Your accuracy with this was okay, I do think you used it a little too much and it felt as if this was sometimes just your main source of damage, same with Giant Forest, try to tone down how many times you use this. You want to be able to do consistent damage with other jutsus as well.
      • Wood Release: Giant Forest
        • Like I said above, it felt as if this was sometimes used too much and it felt as if it was your main source of damage at times. Try to tone it down a little and focus on other jutsus in your kit, specifically your Elemental jutsu.
      • Wood Release: Cypress Nail
        • Your accuracy with this was alright and I don’t think you used it too terribly. I just think your main problem with this jutsu along with your other clan jutsus is that you focus on them more than other jutsus in your kit. You shouldn’t only be using these for your main source of damage, I understand the jutsus are super easy to use and have low cooldowns so you feel the need to use them a lot. But a lot of the time during our test you would rely on mostly the three damaging jutsus your clan has for damage and it felt as if you weren’t doing damage with your Elemental jutsu. Try to balance it out, you aren’t terrible with your clan you just use it way too much.
  • Chakra Nature
    • ███ POOR
      • Earth Release: Rising Earth Spikes
        • You didn’t really use this jutsu too much but when you did it felt as if you were using it from too far away. You struggled to hit it on me which made the jutsu practically useless. You want to be using this close to your target and you could be using it to mess up your opponents aim. For example you could use this to mess up my aim or momentum when I am using Phoenix Flower.
        • If hit this jutsu can force out my dash which is solid, it helps set up for your hard hitters once you bait out my dash.
      • Earth Release: Dark Swamp
        • I don’t really think you used this much, pretty sure you only used it twice in the whole test. You want to be using this more considering how good it is. This jutsu is perfect for forcing out my teleport. So get used to using it more.
      • Earth Release: Planet Splitter
        • This was used once or twice each fight which is good, you should always be looking to use it around two to three times a fight.
        • The problem you had with this jutsu was you never set up for it, I always had at least one movement jutsu available to use so I could dash away from it. Another issue you had with it was that you kind of used it a little too far away from me, try to use it a little closer to me.
        • You could also kind of use it as a wall and try to bait me into it.
      • Water Release: Hydro Bomb
        • You used this a few times and hit it once, the other times you were kind of using it a little too far away which made you mess up.
        • The way you hit it the first time is the way you should be using the jutsu almost always.
        • Try to use it to knock me back if I am pressuring you, it’s also good for just knocking me away when pressuring you.
      • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
        • You used this at least once or twice a fight which is solid but your placements with this jutsu weren’t great, you often placed it a little too far away from me and you didn’t set up for it either. Like I said for Planet Splitter you want to be setting up your hard hitters by baiting out my movement jutsu before hand. Dark Swamp and Silent Strangle are perfect for that, as well as some of your kekkei jutsus.
        • Keep in mind you should also be placing this jutsu around corners or behind me to make it easier for you to hit.
      • Water Release: Bullet Ball Barrage
        • This was used okay, you would often use it to stop my movement or to just slow down the pace of the fight. Although I do think you used it a little too much.
  • Nature Kekkei Genkai
    • ███ BAD
      • Mud Release: Bottomless Mud Hole
        • This was used decently, it hit a few times but I definitely think you used it a little too much. But it was decent regardless, it forced out my movement jutsus quite well and it also did the damage when I couldn’t escape, just make sure you don’t use it too much.
      • Mud Release: Mud Landslide
        • This was used decently, you didn’t hit it often but when you did it felt a little threatening. It stopped my momentum and cancelled out some of my jutsus a few times.
        • Just continue to work on your accuracy with it.
      • Mud Release: Muddy Water Wall
        • This was used okay as well, it was mainly used to stop my jutsus which is good but I think you kind of spammed this a little too much making you fairly annoying to fight. I think the problem you had with this is that you only used it on one specific jutsu of mine. Try to use it when I am casting other jutsus as well, don’t only use it when I use Scorch.
  • Rank
    • ███ BAD
      • Medical Ninjutsu: Draining Needles
        • You didn’t really use this much, which is disappointing considering this is a fairly good jutsu in your kit. It does solid damage and drains away my chakra. I’d like to see you use it more.
        • I recommend using this when I am charging chakra so it’s easier to hit.
      • Medical Ninjutsu: Self Regeneration, Self Healing & Cleansing
        • Honestly, you used these way too much. I think you definitely spammed these a lot and it didn’t make the fights enjoyable. Using your Med Spec jutsus is something you need to use properly to pass, spamming them wont give you a good grade on this section. You often made fights super long due to the amount of times you used these. Try to use them 2-3 times a fight, it felt as if you were using them at least 4-6 a fight and it wasn’t making things fun overall.
        • You didn’t really cleanse often which is also a little disappointing, you should be cleansing yourself when you are slowed or on fire or even blinded by Sharingan. Try to use it more often.
  • General
    • ███ POOR
      • Green Roar
        • This was used ok, but I felt as if you were only using it for damage. Keep in mind you can use this jutsu to mess up my aim, which you did a few times but the other times it mainly felt as if you were trying to just solely use it for it’s damage.
        • This jutsu can defuse Sharingan quite easily, but you never used it to defuse it.
      • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
        • This was used okay, like I said for Green Roar it kind of felt as if you used this for damage or if you missed your elemental jutsus so you would default back to Green Roar and Explosive Kunai to make up for the missed damage.
  • Ninja Tool
    • ███ POOR
      • Kunai/Shuriken
        • You were alright with these, you definitely used them but they weren’t used too greatly either. Try to use them when I am standing still charging chakra or just for chip damage overall. These can also be used to defuse my Sharingan from far away if you don’t have anything else.
        • Also, try not chain these with slows. It’s quite annoying and you don’t want to be playing like that in general.
      • Paperbomb
        • Refer to my criticism for Explosive Kunai.
  • Playstyle
    • ███ POOR
      • Your playstyle consists of you just spam healing and using a little way too much of your clan jutsus. You aren’t a bad player but you play way too cheesy with your kit. You need to work on not spamming healing too much and you need to work on not relying on your clan jutsus for all your damage. You often missed your elemental jutsus and it felt as if they never did any damage to me, you need to learn to use both your clan jutsus and elemental jutsus equally.
  • Sequence
    • ███ POOR
      • Your sequence was okay but predictable, you often started off the fight doing the same thing. You want to make sure you have a different set up before each fight so you make it harder for your opponent to know what to do.
      • Overall you need to use things more smarter and not just for damage.
  • Balance
    • ███ POOR
      • You struggled with balancing out everything in your kit. You definitely favored healing and your clan jutsus over everything else. Just make sure you don’t forget about everything else in your kit. I expect you to come into next test using everything equally.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.