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There were a lot of things we did to combat the amount of people joining the Uchiha Clan before you joined, such as making several under-the-radar nerfs to the clan, slowly making it harder to play for less skilled players. This was done more than a year in advance and did not stop people from picking the clan.

In January, these nerfs continued, but people were still picking the clan. This is what made us lock Uchiha characters from being tested for. The problem with the Uchiha characters is that they are very popular and as a result, a lot of people want to be them. New and inexperienced players switched to the clan, struggled with it, and ultimately reset. This cycle put a lot of stress on the staff team and character testers, having a lot of annoying players asking for character jutsu the second they picked the clan, and constantly entering and reseting from exams. This largely contributed to the former exam ban system and was complained about constantly to me. People would also reach max rank and waste the character tester’s time by reseting, asking stupid questions, constantly asking to be recommended for an uchiha character/character test, and to be trained.

Even though we have done a lot to make the clan weaker in comparison to other clans, the amount of players who picked Uchiha just by name and popularity alone were far greater than the amount of players that picked any other clan on the server. The Uchiha Clan made up 30% of nearly 70,000 players and climbing. Given that we have 84 other clans, this means that many clans went unpicked or did not even amount to 1% of those players, and this goes for active players at the time as well.

Last month, the steady nerfs to the clan continued and the clan was temporarily removed. I have no intentions of bringing the clan back soon. Clearly, people are still hungry for a clan that they are seriously not deserving to play and more pushback will make me less willing to bring back the clan. No one in the team is ready to have their time wasted again, especially so soon after it was removed. The only people that kept the clan were people who were ranked with it because snatching an exam rank away from someone who won it would be unfair. People who were Uchiha Genin and Academy Student had nothing to lose. They had no progress. If you see someone with an Uchiha Genin or Academy Student tag, that is because the tag is bugged. They actually have no clan or rank and were reset, like the rest of the 30% who were unranked.