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Hi, CelestialAres.

When you are attacked outside a safe area, you are not allowed to return to that safe area or to any other safe area. Being attacked or attacking someone is being engaged in combat, whether you initiated it or not. Given that this is a PvP server, you should expect to be attacked outside a safe zone. If you asked any of my staff members at the time about the rule, this is what they would’ve told you. The rule has remained unchanged.

Now this isn’t typically a ban worthy offense so perhaps this isn’t what you were banned for. Unless you argued with a staff member on the matter or were resistant to the authority of a staff member by not listening, you wouldn’t of been banned. The safe zoning rule holds no correlation to your ban reason, which is hacking.

I’m not entirely sure what the line of events were that led to your ban, but I do know that as it stands, your ban reason is for using hacks.