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    Highlighting character abilities would not only allow the player base to see what abilities they could get before choosing to grind for a specific character, it would also have a higher chance to go viral on Tik Tok seeing as the Naruto fanbase is less interested in clan abilities or nature abilities and is more interested in specific characters in the Naruto anime. If instead of seeing the abilities of the puppet master clan they could see Sasori’s abilties, it may entice them to join the server or at least like the video. Another viral Tik Tok may not be probable with just basic clan abilities, but I believe that highlighting character abilities could help. Getting a Tik Tok to go viral would greatly increase attention to the server and the player base which is always a plus when it comes to servers such as this.


    A lot of characters need to have their character jutsu redone so showing some of them off probably isn’t the best idea right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth going for the character. I already plan to show off more character abilities on TikTok, but for the reasons below it is at a lower priority than what I have been posting.

    Highlighting character abilities didn’t work better than clans and natures on TikTok. You can view our TikTok and see that for yourself. I tried on six occasions to show off really popular character jutsu like Kurama mode, Jinchuriki moves, Susanoo abilities, Madara, Itachi, (before Uchiha was locked too), Kisame, and in different video formats, but it did not bring more attention to the server than my other videos. I might try in the future but I have to stick with what works for my page and not expend a ton of effort on new things that could easily flop.

    Funny enough, if you didn’t know about these TikToks it ultimately proves the former, that these videos don’t get as much reach as my other tiktoks do. If you have other suggestions for tiktoks would be appreciated, just have to know that TikTok’s algorithm favors quick videos, under 15 seconds, optimal 7 seconds


    Sometimes trying to repeat the same thing that isn’t working and expecting different results is just stubborn, so I want to keep producing content I know works and if I can revisit character jutsu showcases I will

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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