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    What is your full Minecraft username? TheYellowInvader
    What character position are you attempting to combat test for? Isobu – 3 Tails
    What clan are you? Karatachi
    What rank are you? Jounin
    What chakra natures do you have? Water + Wind Chakra Natures
    What nature kekkei genkai do you have? Ice Kekkei Genkai


    What time are you scheduling for?



    • Clan
      • ███ FAIR
        • Coral Palm
          • You used this a few times, but it wasn’t always useful.
          • This jutsu is good at pushing me away if I am trying to attack you.
          • This jutsu is good at forcing me into using my movement jutsu.
        • Rising Coral Ripples
          • This jutsu is fast but has some travel time. Try to use it closer to a target so that it is easier for you to hit it.
            • If you need to use it mid-ranged, you need to practice tracking where your opponent is moving with your cursor to land skillshots.
          • This jutsu does a bit of damage, but not a lot.
            • Don’t let this become your main source of damage.
        • Rising Coral Attack
          • You used this a lot but only hit it once.
            • You place it down in weird places, leading it to not be hit.
            • Try to use it while I am paused or standing still, especially when I am charging chakra.
            • Try to use it when I have no movement jutsu left or if I am landing from a movement jutsu.
            • Try to vary how you use it each time and don’t make a habit of using it too much.
            • Try to corner me with the jutsu, narrowing my routes to escape.
        • Coral Trap
          • You were able to hit this a few times, but it became less easy as the fights went on.
            • Pay attention to which movement jutsu I have, especially Teleportation. You want me to waste Teleportation and other movement jutsu so that I have a hard time escaping.
              • I might try to chakra dash or chakra jump out of it, but most movement jutsu are not effective in escaping this, which can in turn make me waste movement jutsu.
            • Try to corner me with the jutsu or place it in my path when I am engaging or evading, trapping me.
    • Chakra Nature
      • ███ BAD
        • Wind Release: Swirling Vacuum
          • You used this a couple of times but it wasn’t very useful.
            • This jutsu can mess up my aim if you are not too close or too far away.
            • This jutsu can drag me into the fight or away from you, especially to stop me from attacking.
        • Wind Release: Gale Palm
          • You used this jutsu a few times but it wasn’t very useful.
          • This jutsu can open the fight well or let you be aggressive.
          • This jutsu is good for pushing me away if I get too close.
        • Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist
          • You may of hit this once, but you struggled to land it.
            • Try to aim for body shots when using it.
          • This is a good counter to oncoming attacks or if I am engaging or evading and you need to stop me.
        • Water Release: Bullet Ball Barrage
          • You used this a few times and it was super avoidable.
          • You need to spread the jutsu around more, don’t waste movement jutsu to do it.
            • Where you are looking is where the bullets make puddles on the ground.
          • Try to use this jutsu when I am being aggressive or trying to engage. It makes it harder for me to get near you.
        • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
          • You used this jutsu a lot and never landed it, it was pretty obviously used too.
          • You can use place this jutsu farther than you’d expect, so be aware of its potential range.
          • You can aim it to the left, right, or behind me, making stealthy shots more possible and keeping the jutsu out of my point of view.
          • You can mix this in during a skirmish of jutsu, making it hard for me to react to it coming.
            • This will make it harder for me to react to it coming.
          • Try to use this when my movement jutsu are on cooldown.
            • This gives you a better shot of hitting it because I have less ways to get away or dodge.
            • Try to catch me from a movement jutsu, making it so I can’t instantly move to escape it.
            • Try to use it when I am standing still, especially when I am charging chakra, to catch me off guard.
        • Water Release: Hydro Bomb
          • You used this a few times and hit it, but there was a drop in accuracy as the fights went on.
            • Try to be closer when using this. You want to find a comfortable range that this will normally hit so that you can land it.
            • This jutsu is good at punishing me for trying to attack you or if I am rushing you.
            • Remember that this jutsu can be curved with the cursor so that you can bend it toward me.
            • Inch forward while the jutsu is charging so that you have a better shot at hitting it.
    • Nature Kekkei Genkai
      • ███ BAD
        • Ice Release: Chains of Earthen Ice
          • This jutsu is a lot like Coral Palm, so you should try to use it similarly based on the advice I gave you above.
        • Ice Release: Ice-Breaking Sledgehammer
          • You used this one a lot, and consequentially, it became easier to avoid.
          • This jutsu is a strong opener or tool you can use to play aggressively that will force me into using my movement jutsu.
        • Ice Release: Ice-Breaking Fist
          • You used this a few times, but it was very avoidable.
            • Try to be closer when using this jutsu. Sometimes you are too far away and have to chase me, which is a waste of its duration.
            • This jutsu creates a lot of pressure and it forces me into using my movement jutsu. Additionally, this jutsu is pretty hard to escape if used well.
    • Rank
      • ███ BAD
        • Ninja Art: Kunai Barrage
          • You used this a few times, but it could be more useful to push me off of you if I am being aggressive. It felt like extra damage, which is good, but could be used better.
        • Chakra Dash, Chakra Jump & Teleportation
          • You use your movement jutsu to engage or you use them to disengage after you take damage. You need to dodge with your movement jutsu and save enough for future dodges and quick re-entry into the fight. I make it hard for you to re-enter the fight once you are across the map.
    • General
      • ███ FAIR
        • Ninja Art: Explosive Kunai
          • You may of used this a few times, but only for extra damage.
          • You could use this if I am standing still or charging chakra, or if I am evading.
        • Green Roar
          • You used this a few times and it was generally good.
            • You used this if I was activating Sharingan, cancelling it.
            • You could try to use this to mess up my aim or punish me for getting too close or aggressive.
    • Ninja Tool
      • ███ FAIR
        • Kunai/Shuriken
          • You used a bit of these and it helped you deal incremental damage or bridge the time between cooldowns. I am sure you could spread it throughout the fight, of course without using too many.
          • You could also easily use this to cancel Sharingan from long-range as well.
    • Playstyle
      • ███ BAD
        • I feel like you don’t have a grasp on how close you need to be to use your stuff. Try to get in closer to hit things easier.
        • When engaging or disengaging, don’t waste all your movement jutsu. You want to dodge and enter the fight fast so I don’t punish you for trying.
        • Be careful to not walk into hazards. You kind of walked into damage that could of been avoided. Make sure you are aware of the fight so that you can pick up on my attacks and most importantly, my movement jutsu usage.
        • Don’t be afraid to play aggressive. Try to break through and be the one pushing me back and making it harder for me to engage.
    • Sequence
      • ███ BAD
        • A lot of your set can slow me down and force me into using movement jutsu. You need to do this so that I can’t escape hard hitters with movement jutsu.
        • Be careful that you don’t have a pattern for each fight. You need variation between fights to keep your enemy from completely avoiding you. This is sort of what happened in your test because you became less effective from fight one to fight two, three, and so on.
    • Balance
      • ███ BAD
        • Try not to use jutsu like Water Fang Bullet, Coral Trap, and Rising Coral Attack too much as I can avoid them easily. Also remember to vary how you use them and don’t get too fixed on hitting them. Try to use them two or three times per fight, hitting them at least once or twice every other fight.
        • Be sure to keep all of your jutsu in balance, giving everything attention.
    ███ ONE WEEK

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I am more than willing to clarify anything I have posted here. Thank you.

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