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    We do not have a TRUE Jashin clan so I think we finally should, here is my attempt at a really cool (hopefully balanced clan that of course can always be tweaked by you Death 😉

    Move 1: Scythe Retrieval: A  medium-range move in which the user pulls the enemy in from of them while creating the screen shake effect. (no damage)

    Move 2: Secret Counter: The user spins their scythe in a circular motion and if attacked during the 5-second duration the user goes behind the enemy and slices at their back dealing 3 hearts and knocking them forward. If attacked by anything other than clan moves, kg, or elements, the user will take damage and not be able to complete the counter. If not then the user will not take damage.

    Move 3: Soul hunt: The user spins the scythe around their body creating a small-ish damaging AOE for anyone that gets close. This move does 2 and a half hearts of damage and then does fake damage for each extra hit.

    Jounin Jutsu: Forbidon technique: Raging Bloodlust: The user stabs their body taking 2 hearts of damage for themself but gains a strength boost and speed boost. Last about 8-10 seconds and at the end of the duration, the user is slowed heavily for 2 seconds due to the impact on the body.


    I hope this clan seems cool and unique to you.


    clan based on hidan is already on the to-do list no eta

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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