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    Hey death 😀

    So i was hosting a specnin exam and realised we don’t have timers for parkour, like 1 person could pass but the other participants would take an hour to parkour which would make it harder to do other makeup exams and it might even run into the exam time of other exams, it can take such a long time and not everyone is disposable at any time which could cause players to leave the exam i was wondering if we could set a timer after 30 minutes, the person with the most scrolls after the 2 mins is up moves on to the next round, if no one has scrolls it can be with lives. I feel like this would make specnin exams flow better with the rest of the schedule in case the parkour section takes such a long time, you don’t have to but i was just wondering if this was a possibility? -YaFav Capn Kitkat


    that would be awarding exam goers who didnt pass and would have to count as a dq, it’s like if you skipped the first round of the chunin exam

    we used to have a timer on special ninjas but honestly it’s impossible to use for certain because ur technically dqing 2-3 people by doing it, if not more


    oh i didnt think of that rip



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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