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    Caius Araimora

    Had a “better” idea for the way a Shinobi would gather quests. Currently you just go to the mission board or just /bcmissions and then you choose a mission – now that’s an easy and practical thing to do, but it would be way cooler if there were npc’s around the world (mainly in hidden villages) that you would interact with to receive a quest (and maybe even decide whether or not to give you a quest depending on how you interact with them). Of course the mission board should remain as a means the village given missions, but the people who inhabit the village should have personal missions for a shinobi to take on as well.


    Quest NPCs are something that have been heavily requested but out of less awareness to the performance hit and labor intensiveness required to make it happen. We would love to introduce NPC quests but having a lot of NPCs can cause the server to lag. While the idea isn’t entirely off the table and may be manageable, designing quest systems around NPCs is not our first priority. We have a fair mission design through the /bcmissions menu and plan to extend upon it in the near future, but we’re also working on stabilizing the server now that we have pushed it onto 1.12.2.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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