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    Rank Cosmetic Changes

    Rank colors should be more customizable and should make more sense.
    First of all the options for colors is very little only giving 16 color’s for Minecraft versions below 1.1.6.  For the most part the Rank color’s do make sense; the Kage ranks fit the village by sharing the same color code of the clans in their own respective village and the 7sm rank shares the same color of the Mist village. Both of these ranks currently make sense and should remain the same until the server is updated to version 1.16 which will offer an infinite variety of hex codes.

    The rank colors that should be updated and changed are the Tailed Beasts and the Akatsuki.

    These two groups of ranks hold the most amount of characters meaning most players end up going after these characters (Not including all of the Kage ranks). Believe it or not a lot of players decisions on going for characters is partially because of their tag, as stupid as it sounds its a nice touch having a unique rank and a color that belongs to your character. Of course there are hardly any characters at the minute and it’d be a long wait until we get more for this change to be relevant but it is a change that could possibly impact how long people stay going for a character (Hopefully). Another reason these characters rank color should change is because when you go to the Character Information section at spawn there are holographic displays of the color that these should be. You would assume as a player that these colors are the colors that would go in that characters tag where it labels what character you are ex: (Zetsu’s holographic color being light green you would think his name in your tag would be light green.). I agree with most of these holographic colors and at first when this character information section at spawn was recreated I thought this meant they got additional changes to their tag as well, but I was wrong.

    The Akatsuki rank colors that should be changed are:

    Itachi(Light Red: &c) ➨ (Orange: &6) Why: Color of hologram, Itachi’s susanoo is orange-ish.

    Kisame (Light Red: &c) (Blue: &9) Why: Color of hologram, Kisame uses water style and his entire body is blue.

    Deidara(Light Red: &c) ➨ (Yellow: &e) Why: His hair, his clay is white but Konan’s color being white makes more sense.

    Hidan(Light Red: &c) ➨ (Dark Red: &4) Why: Color of hologram, His ritual involves Blood and is dark red.

    Kakuzu(Light Red: &c) ➨ (Gray: &8) Why: Color of hologram, His threads are dark gray.

    Zetsu(Light Red: &c) ➨ (Dark Green: &2) Why: Color of hologram, uses wood release.

    Orochimaru (Light Red: &c) ➨ (Purple: &5) Why: Color of hologram, curse mark is purple and it matches sound village.

    Sasori (Light Red: &c) ➨ (Light Red: &c) Why: Color of hologram, his hair is light red and no other color really fits.

    Konan (Light Red: &c) ➨ (White: &f) Why: Konan uses paper and the Kanji on her ring literally means white.

    Nagato (Light Red: &c) ➨ (Pink: &d) Why: Rinnegan is a light purple color and since purple is taken pink works fine.

    Obito (Light Red: &c) ➨ (Cyan: &3) Why: No other color makes sense, “his” susanoo is cyan.

    Madara (Light Red: &c) ➨ (Light Red: &5) Why: Color of Sharingan, and his tag should be separated from the akatsuki.

    A lot of the reasons some of these tags should switch colors is kind of stupid like Obito’s color being cyan but there is no other color that really makes sense for him and even though he doesn’t have susanoo and he never used susanoo cyan is the best looking and only available color. Obito’s tag could also be light gray because of his Kamui Dimension being light gray but that would be the only reason and gray is a color that really doesn’t stand out and it would be lame for an Uchiha character. Deidara’s tag and Sasori’s tag color change reasoning is also kind of dumb but there is no other color that fits Sasori more than others. Deidara’s tag should technically be white because everything he uses is white but Konan uses paper which is also white and her ring’s kanji means “white” so yellow is the second best option.

    The Tailed Beast rank colors that should be changed are:

    Shukaku(Green: &2) ➨ (Yellow: &e) Why: Color of hologram, the color most similar to sand and his eye is yellow.

    Matatabi (Yellow: &e) (Dark Blue: &1) Why: Color of hologram, the entire tailed beast is made up of blue flames.

    Isobu(Blue: &9) ➨ (Pink: &e) Why: Color of hologram, coral is often pinkish red and his chest is pink.

    Son Goku (Gray: &8) ➨ (Dark Red: &e) Why: Color of hologram, the entire tailed beast is dark red and its the color of lava.

    Kokuo(Gray: &8) ➨ (White: &e) Why: Color of hologram, the entire tailed beast is white and they use boil release.

    Saiken(Blue: &9) ➨ (Light Blue: &b) Why: The entire tailed beast is light gray but the Jinchuuriki of the tailed beast uses bubbles.

    Chomei(Dark Blue: &1) ➨ (Light Green: &e) Why: Part of this tailed beast is light green and its a bug-like color.

    Gyuuki(Yellow: &e) ➨ (Purple: &e) Why: Color of hologram, the entire tailed beast is purple.

    Kurama(Light Red: &c) ➨ (Pink: &e) Why: Color of hologram, the entire tailed beast is orange and uses fire release.

    Chomei could be argued to be dark green but light green overall shares the same reason it could be dark green and part of the tailed beast is light green. Isobu could be argued to be light red since the color of coral is between light red and pink but i feel like pink overall just makes more sense. Most of these color’s are because it is the same color as the holograms in the character information section at spawn.

    Juubi / Madara tag changes.
    Madara’s tag should be changed, it makes nearly no sense for him to have an Akatsuki tag as his only association with the Akatsuki was having some sort of half-alliance with them. It’d make more sense to categorize Madara as a tailed beast as he was the former jinchuuriki of Juubi (Ten-Tails). It doesn’t make much sense either to have Juubi and all the other tailed beast exist at the same time but we have to remember Juubi is listed in the image along side the other tailed beast in the tailed beast area inside the character information section. The color of Juubi should be light gray or light red, light gray is one of the only available colors left for tailed beast and I think it’d make somewhat sense for it using this color since Madara when he absorbed Juubi and became its jinchuuriki he got light gray and pale skin, the same also happened with Obito so this must just be something associated with Juubi. The only way I see light red making sense is because the tailed beast when it is not inside of a jinchuuriki has a sharingan and sharingan’s color is red, And lastly Juubi would replace the Akatsuki part of Madara’s tag.

    VIP ranks customization.

    I can’t remember if I got a reasoning for why this shouldn’t exist but I believe this could be a good feature for VIP ranks; the feature being able to change the color of your VIP rank to whatever rank is below it, ex: (VIP3 can change to VIP2 yellow). I’m sure there is a reasoning for why this hasn’t been implemented or why players aren’t allowed to switch their VIP color but from what I can see the only issues with this is staff being constantly asked by players to switch their VIP color or a VIP3 with a VIP1 / VIP2 color being in the lounge warp and it being confusing.

    I’m sure some of this will be overlooked and I am well-aware of the reasons why this may not be possible; the biggest reason being it not being a priority / this idea being entirely changed once the server version reaches 1.16 allowing any hex code. Another reason being it would take time to do since there are things that are prioritized like bosses and weapons. But I would like to hear others opinions on this and gather feedback and reasoning.






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    I like this idea it would be cool to have more indicate if your a character or not it would also make them stick out more maybe intriguing more people to go for them even i like the idea of indicating to the clan example. sunanotate and  shukaku would be green and yellow,, yellow being shukakus chakra and green being clan chakra


    +1 Always thought it would be easy to implement.


    Good idea, brings more uniqueness to the server and chat would look different. I always thought Akatsuki characters should have different colors.


    yeah i wouldnt mind making the rank colors match the holograms at spawn that was kind of the idea but i never got around to doing it, come 1.16 a lot of rank colors would change given that you can have like infinite colors too so yeah


    for the vip tags, they are part of the group and can only be changed manually, no good way to automate this yet and asking staff to do it constantly would be a huge strain on time&energy, especially since we have to give back store items constantly, no solution to automate that either

    vip tags and tab colors being the colors they are help us distinguish who has what rank, reset timer, and permissions we need to give when players rank up

    if it can be done in the future, i’ll consider it, but it’s not important right now

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