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    I have thought about it for a little bit, and I think a fun addition to the server could be village wars. This would bring fun pvp with meaning, team pvp, and hopefully some more player activity. These village wars could be done completely without hosters so that would not be a problem. These wars could either be done with guilds or based on your actual village. The way it would go is this: the leader of one village/guild sends out a war command request to another village/guild who can then either accept or deny it. If the war is accepted, the two sides would have some time to prepare for war and let their members know. Then, all areas except spawn become pvp enabled only for the two fighting parties. This could lead to some epic fights in villages and such. The first side to kill from the opposing side or kill the leader of the opposing side wins the war. The winner gets some reward and the loser loses something. Pretty simple. (I will say if we are to do this with villages it might be nice if each village had a kage obtained through some other way than char tests like maybe a village tournament among jounin where winner gets kage). Overall, I think this addition could bring more player activity, bring players together, and give more meaning to getting better at pvp than just world league, exams, and 1v1s. Also, any portion of this suggestion can be tweaked to make it better suited to the server.


    I like the idea of village wars but idk if they will be balanced/if there will be enough people on



    There are already automated guilds wars, you can challenge a guild through the plugin.

    There are already team deathmatch events and team objective events that are not contingent on village balance/rank balance for each village, Hosters just don’t host events as often as they should be, which is why you’ve probably never seen one (plus, you’re pretty new)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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